Locație Waalwijk
Sector Logistics
Funcție Production Employee
Data de începere 01-05-2017
Data finală necunoscut
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Working in a webshop is every day a challenge. The warehouse is full of products to make consumers happy. You pick orders form fashion to toys and from books to electronics. With a handscanner you pick the orders and pack them in boxes. You have respect for the products and you handle and prepare the package with care for shipping. For this job you must be flexible. In a webshop you never know when consumers are shopping online. So you have to be prepared for busy moments. From time to time you switch departement and work on different webshops. That makes your job divers!


The company is a logistic webshopprovider. In new warehouses in Waalwijk they store the products for large webstores. They organise the websites, payments and shipping of the orders.
The logistic processes are complex but a challenge every day. The company is growing every week and prepared for the future where homeshopping online wil be very normal.

Profil solicitat:

We are looking for candidates who are motivated.
Minimum basic English language and are able to read and counting even when its busy and a little chaotic around you.
You must be flexible and willing to work as a packer or picker.

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