I'm working 24/7 only sometimes not in the office.

By Joanna Sadowska

19 May 2014
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 Have you ever wondered how many of us spend last minutes of work each day on calculating how long until we can leave? According to research by the Gallup Institute*, there is up to 87% of such people. Unsatisfied, uninvolved 'sleepwalkers' who are in their work just because they think they have to. Assuredly that number scares twice as much if you are a boss...

Thanks to simple math we can calculate that 13% of us are diamonds that do not even have to be polished. People who work because they want to, because they get excited and are able to motivate themselves to further action.

Enthusiasts who work 24/7 - only sometimes not in office. When on Sunday afternoon they get an idea associated with their work - they will not wait with it till Monday. With excess free time they will do it immediately. We are absolutely not talking here about subordinating your life to work. Not even about being satisfied with that exact position or specific duties. It is a matter of NOT dividing your life into 'work' and 'after work' - well okay, beer should be drunk AFTER ;). But you get the picture. As I wrote in one of the previous posts, we all are made out of small puzzles that we are able to sort out. Realizing precisely that, becomes here a priority.

The above statements sounds idyllic. Probably everyone dreams about fulfillls job.  However, the issue of 'sleepwalking' employee returns like a boomerang. Some of us simply can't afford to deeply divagate searching for answer to the question "why am I still working here?". While selecting their workplace they must fallow different requirements than just their own fulfillment. But this is not a permanent state. It is never too late to change!

This is not strictly a matter of 100% satisfaction with what you have or do. This is a problem of attitude alone. Keep in mind that everything can be changed and the majority depends only on you.

Yes, you can call me a naïve optimist, but I am just going on vacation :)

*Gallup Institute 


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