Contrive, compose, create - even adults can do it!

by Joanna Sadowska

25 May 2014
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According to Sir Ken Robinson (Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?) education system may negatively affect kids creativity. But as adults who are aware of this fact,  can we work it out? 

It happens that people at some point give up and they approve to be adults. The trick is, to not become a boring, overworked, sad and negatively adjusted to everything human being. Why do some people suddenly become frustrated and exhausted? They blame everything on their surroundings rather than seeking issues in themselves. In a matter of fact it doesn't matter what the environment is, mostly because we have no influence over it. But we can develop ourselves and this is what we should be concerned with, worry about it and try to change it. 

Why it seems to us now that trifles are trivial? Why can't you sit 10 minutes on a park bench watching the sparrows? Or try to create something together with your child? To take a look at everyday life from a slightly different perspective? Is it too much for you? Are you too serious? Or maybe, by any chance you are just boring?

And what the creativity has to do with this? A man full of ideas will always find something to do! Sure, they sometimes are exhausted, but they still know that their situation depends largely on themselves! What's more - they are not afraid of a different state of things, not afraid to invent, to seek, to ask and to change! Smile! Try to feel the vibrations of emotions, interests! Dare to make a change! Enjoy the little things! Discover your inner passion!

Contrive, compose, create!

It is not difficult - you just have to overcome a certain barrier.

 Someone needs a push? :)


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