Did you start to look for a job for me?

by Joanna Sadowska

20 March 2014
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Imagine that you get a reply e-mail from one of your candidates concerning your question about cover letter:

“I don’t have time to prepare that because I'm waiting for your feedback on the question: if you already started to look for a job for me, or should I find it elsewhere.”

And what are you doing? Yes, exactly – > click trash button.

What's funny, this story is not so far from the truth. But what is my point?
I could try to understand arrogance of a candidate who was sourced on LinkedIn for a project with a profile like:

10 years’ experience, very narrow niche market, 3 people in whole country fitting the profile.
Even so, I still could always contact the other two... So it shouldn't happen in the first place.

I remember one of my first interviews 7 months ago (seems my memory is quite good). Fresh'er: 23 years old guy, we graduated the same technical university - he showed up wearing dirty sneakers and a sweatshirt, he didn't know anything about the company, he was sleepy and even started yawning at the end... And that was my first professional shock.

Please tell me what those people are thinking when they're doing such things?

How complicated can it be?
• Looks - suit - formal and good looking - you will be still good without it as long as you won’t be dressed like going for a Friday grocery shopping.
• Knowledge - familiarize with the company, with the job/position you are applying to and prepare some questions for me!
• Attitude - be nice, smile, handshake - basically read business savoir-vivre!
• Additionally - I'm not your Facebook friend, nor am I your future boss - so don't be afraid, but be professional or at least try to!

It's that easy! Anyway, with such people our recruiter life can be a little bit funnier.

speak to you later,

kind regards,


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