Money will not glue your team! Become Leaders!

By Joanna Sadowska

2 June 2014
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Every day I ask my candidates  "what motivates you at work?". Every time repeating in my head "please anything but the money, let it not be the money". Unfortunately I do not have psychic abilities developed enough to help with that :). 


Sometimes there is also free thinking enviroment, big responsibility and/or opportunity to grow. But still about 80% of the candidates believe that the biggest motivating factor is the monthly incoming bank transfer. The rarest motivator are the people we work with - our managers and leaders. While they should play first fiddle. By creating our surroundings they give direction and tone for our work. By spreading a wide variety of options in front of us, they give the freedom to choose the path. It once again sounds a bit utopian, but it is still possible.


The question arises: who 'broke' managers to the extent that they no longer motivate us? Did that position lost its power? Divergent definitions are causing that today everyone can get a position with the 'manager' in their title. But most  people should not even think about it whatsoever! The person in this position must demonstrate an unprecedented blend of knowledge, skills and character traits. It is bad to think that leader is always right, is the infallible unit or a dictator. This is a person who makes a team, not haunts it :). Their actions make everyone want to follow them. They open room for discussion, teach, support, gives the feeling that every employee is important. Manager is not a position, it is a state of mind! :).


A true leader will praise you in front of the whole team, stand up in your defense but also dress you down from top to bottom if needs be. Will give you the freedom of action giving a credit of trust and guide you if you need it. When you make a mistake will show you the problem, help understand it and then teach you how to avoid it. True leaders are at a premium, are both the foundation and the icing on the cake of the team.


Do not get me wrong, money is very important. Thanks to them we can fulfill our dreams, play roulette, or even lounge on the beach for a week. But at work we also need to appreciate the intangible elements of the puzzle on which, despite everything, we do have influence. Because in team learning from each other matters. A little in the spirit of W. Emerson - we do not remember all the people from our lives, but each one of them somehow made us.


Maybe it is worth to start to notice them?

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