A jack of all trades is master of none - really?

By Joanna Sadowska

12 May 2014
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I must confess to something - I am an average person or rather I thought so for a long time.  I have never been outstanding in anything particular. And for a long time I thought that because I lacked that one field in which I would be specialized, I was on a losing position. But...

Why do we exactly limit ourselves to just one field? Because it is our top one? And when everything around us 'turns us'? Why not submit to it? Do we have to look for specialization by force?

Some people have their passion since childhood. They know who they want to be since they were 12 years old and they are committed to accomplish that exact goal. It doesn't matter if it is a result of parents ambitions, childhood dreams or just result of a fluke. They focus on one matter building their life around it. On the way they develop lots of skills that can be used elsewhere. However, the direction of their growth is already determined.

And what about those who are not outstanding, thou are good not in one but in many aspects? Does it make a difference if they lack a designated specific point or path on which they could pursue it? Although the question seems to be in tone of a shrink visit - it is not really that bad. The answer is simple: every skill might come in handy! Along this path lots of things can seem pointless to us. However, at some point everything will get connected. It surely will take a while, but in the end we will manage to build something resembling a machine out of all this fairly chaotically scattered gears.

 It is not a matter of whether for someone it is easier or harder. Because that discussion seems to be completely unnecessary. Simply, lack of this one field shouldn’t be a problem. From my own perspective, it seems to be even a privilege. For wherever I stand, I can manage :).

The undersigned,

Joanna - Engineer, sourcer, recruiter, photographer and  sometimes even graphic designer in one.


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