N2 People started in October 2010. From the start, N2 People created 3 pillars on which they focused and based their method.

Guidance and accommodation for the employees.
The standards of accommodation for our employees range from good to very good. N2 People does not accommodate their employees in caravans or chalets. Campsites and large residential sites are avoided where possible. To optimize communication we have a free Wi-Fi internet connection at all our accommodations.

Our employees intend to develop and improve. N2 People offers a general training, language training and subject-oriented education. As a result, we intend to change our employees from temporary employees into enthusiastic professionals.

N2 People’s method is entirely focused on increasing productivity. In the lead-up and during the actual deployment of our employees, everything is geared up to boost it. This required an exclusive procedure which has been developed and implemented.

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