T & S Group

T&S Group has grown into a leading company in the international recruitment business.
We have over ten years experience organising, mediating and accompanying T&S flexworkers from countries such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary into the Dutch labour market. Over the years we successfully developed our own strategy. We specialize in the following Branches:

Logistics - Food - Industry - Care

Each day T&S provides work for approximately 800 Temporary workers through our clients across the Netherlands. Amongst those workers are Order-Pickers, Logistic’s Staff and Reach-Truck-Drivers.

T&S Group was founded in 1999 by Ton Evers and Stef van Bladel. In the late 90’s the Netherlands faced a shortage of labourers, and at that time Ton and Stef realised this was a perfect opportunity to start a new business. Their vision of the market was very innovative and they specialised to Polish flexworkers. Soon, the first Polish workers started working at a major snack manufacturer located in Tilburg.
The philosophy of T&S and its innovative strategies meant it was well placed to hire Eastern European workers as a solution to shortages in the Dutch workforce. With a growing demand for both flexible and skilled workers our organization grew into an expert of temporary staffing!
Since the beginning, T&S’s strategy has resulted in a dedicated and specialized organization in employment and recruitment of International workers. T&S differs in many aspects of its competitors.

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