C+E Driver

Localidad/localización Oostkamp - Belgium
Sector Transport and Logistics
Función C+E Driver
Fecha de inicio 03-10-2017
Fecha de finalización desconocido
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We are looking for 2 drivers with a CE license.
They are looking for people that are highly motivated! They need drivers to be flexible and drive as many hours as possible! If they drive many hours they have the opportunity to make a LOT of money! You can work during weekends too (optional)! The only moments you can’t work are the official holidays (Christmas day, Easter,…)

It’s also important to know that at TransWest the driver has to load and unload the truck as well as drive the deliveries to clients. As the products are frozen, the time spent loading and unloading the truck will be in a cold environment!


Our client is a big player in the transport industry in Western Europe.
For a number of years now, he is the biggest frozen food logistics service provider!
They deliver food from manufacturers to their warehouse and from their warehouse to several clients (mainly large supermarkets such as Aldi, Carrefour,…).

Perfil deseado:

• A lot of experience with driving and manoeuvring
• Excellent driving skills (you will need to manoeuvre constantly and need to be able to stay calm in these situations, you will be driving through city centres and manoeuvring with traffic around you, you will have to manoeuvre into loading docks which requires great skill!!!)
• Good sense of responsibility
• Speak English OR French
• Strong communication skills! You need to be able to express your dismay if something happens that you think is wrong, otherwise thing will escalate! Often the planners can be a bit short with drivers and you need to be able to express your issues and stand your ground!
• Upon arrival there will be a test to evaluate your driving and manoeuvring skills, if you don’t succeed, you cannot start the job.
• Positive attitude
• Be flexible and motivated to work lots of hours, you will be sleeping in the truck (away from home, on the road) 2 to 3 nights per week
• In some occasions there is no loading dock, then you will be required to work with a loading ramp and a forklift
• We need references!!

Experience required
• Experience with loading docks
• Experience with deliveries to supermarkets (optional)
• Experience with driving in busy city centres
• Experience with refrigerated transport
• Low accident rate!!!!

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