Butcher - Meat cutter

Location Adegam, Belgia
Sector Food industry
Function Butcher-Meat Cutter
Start date 31-08-2017
End date unknown
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The butchers who we are looking for should be able to deboning (technically good) and they are ready to slaughter animals. They will be employed in the following various jobs:

1 ° deboning: Ability of deboning the different parts of the pig (bellies, hams, shoulders, .). The work tempo will be indicated by the foreman. They are working together at one table.

2 ° Cutting different parts of the pig: this happens on a conveyer band, most of the time at high speed. The half-carcasses are put on the belt and the employees should cut the different parts of the pig. (shoulders, bellies ...) You need to have good knowledge of the anatomy of the pig. These different parts are carried to another conveyor belt where some additional work will take place: deboning the small hams or shoulders of pork meat according to the client specifications as requested by the customer.

3 ° slaughterhouse:
- Open and cutting of carcasses of animals in a correct manner
- Removing the red organs (heart-lung-liver-tongue)
- Finishing (trimming fat from the abdomen, removal of the diaphragm)


Slaughter/meat processing.
Approximately 150 employees including 25 Polish deboners/ butchers

Stable, solid company with a good image in the region.

Wanted profile:

Candidates experienced in cutting pork half carcasses, also experience in working in the slaughterhouse is a must
Instructions and training for all workers organized on the spot.

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